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A picture and the blind faith in 2017

Posted on Dec 31, 2016 by in Blog, News | 0 comments

Blind faith

Dear friends, family and art lovers, I could list some personal highlights from 2016 but there is one particular that I would like to share with you even thou it was painful but at the same time an opportunity to get out my childhood memories and tell the story of my life on the stages of TED in the last edition of TEDx Rovigo here link enclosed: TEDxRovigo
This was only the beggining, the beggining of a great personal step.

The year 2016 was very difficult in many ways but also full of great accomplishments.  My thoughts is that beautiful things happens to who thinks positive and it is with that spirit that changes can be made for a better life for everyone.

Wishful thoughts that yours and mine 2017 may be fulfilled with important personal achievements and decisive changes for a better world.

Best wishes for an amazing and enlighted 2017!!

Hugs full of light to all of you.

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