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Monica Silva was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She moved to Europe in 1986, first living in London before eventually setting in Italy, where she still lives in Milan. For 8 years, she worked as an assistant director taking on projects that featured famous film productions and internationally known AD directors such as Federico Brugia, Daniele Lucchetti, Zack Snyder, Renzo Martinelli, Robert Richardson

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In 2001, she entered the world of professional photography, shooting Italian artists like Sergio Cammariere, Dolcenera, Luca Dirisio, Noemi, Matteo Becucci and Samuele Bersani for international record labels as Emi, Edel, BMG and Sony Music.

In the meanwhile, she kept on shooting for important magazines and newspapers: Max Magazine, Dove Viaggi, Flair, Vanity Fair, Io Donna, Style, Magazine, Sette, Panorama Travel, Corriere della Sera.

In 2008, she became a Nikon Pro Photographer, working at photographic projects in collaboration with Nikon Italia and with Tourism boards abroad. In 2009, she was entrusted by the UNESCO ambassadress Edith Tamagnini for the campaign photos of the book, “Libertà perpetua- San Marino World Heritage site”, published by Minerva Edizioni and client Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of San Marino.

In 2010 also an important collaboration was set between Monica and Corriere della Sera for which she often shoot for the special attached sundays editions “La Lettura”, the newspaper of Art and Literature and with it’s art director Gianluigi Colin, plastic artist, with whom she often collaborates shooting his works published on art books such as “Mith” by Skira and museum catalogues for exhibitions.

In 2010, in collaboration with Nikon Italia, she starts a few masterclass lessons on workshops for Nikon School and, in 2011, she began to collaborate with two major names in professional photography: Manfrotto School of Xcellence and Hasselblad, in lecturing and clinic in psychology on portraiture.

It was the same Hasselblad, in collaboration with FIMA, who enlisted her among other photographers for the project “ Obiettivi antiquari”, a photographic exhibition aiming at collecting funds for the charity Cure2children portraying antique dealers, in artistic view and in modern style. The exhibition opened on January 2012 in the prestigious Palazzo Castiglioni in Milan and kept on touring in many other events promoted by Hasselblad and Arnaldo Pavesi Fine art Gallery.



All of these different work experiences made Monica Silva feel the need to express herself in a more independent and creative way. Not long ago, she started her first steps in the world of artistic photography with articulated projects such as “Life above all” ( a very personal interpretation of the poems of the Spoon River Anthology by E.Lee Masters) exhibited in the galleries Mazzoleni Arte (Milan 2008) and Stefano Forni (Bologna 2009). In this last occasion, the exhibition’s title was “Suggestions from Spoon River”, while at Pomposa Abbey (Codigoro, 2009) it was called “Le donne di Spoon River”, organized by Stefano Forni Art Gallery.Follows the project “On My Skin”, fine art nude photographs in occasion of the event Arte Fiera 2010 in Bologna, in collaboration with Stefano Forni Gallery and Open Project.
On April 2011, she began working at “My Hidden Ego”, a project of photographic and psychological study on the inner aspects of human soul. The setting and the simple lighting, in such contemporary pictures, aimed to portray that inner part of one’s self that is never shown publicly. The video installations were directed by the Deep’s team lab of the designer Gianluca Macaluso. The exhibition was open to the public for two months at Palazzo Pichi Sforza in Sansepolcro (Arezzo) with the support of Mercurio Promozioni and Kemon.

In 2011 Corriere della Sera, assigns her a reportage on the 54th La Biennale of Art as special reporter. In that occasion Monica Silva shot Gillo Dorfles, one of those portraits “Dorfles infinito e lo sguardo a Ghirri” was awarded by Paolo Baratta, president of La BIennale of Art, Bice Curiger the curator of the 54th Art Exhibition “Illuminations” and by the artist Shirana Shahbazi as Best Photograph of the 54th international Biennale art Exibition. Another important mark was set with the picture “Missing You” a fine art nude, which was in the three finalists on 5000 participants of the Showdown New York Scope contest by Saatchi Online Gallery.

Recently, Monica Silva travelled back to Brazil for a reportage on Salvador, Bahia commissioned by the magazine Max. Back in her town, she took the chance to shoot a photographic reportage on Sao Paulo, one of the liveliest towns in South America. From there, she went to Asia for the Tokyo Hasselblad Open Studio Event, a workshop on the psychology of portrait for the project, “My Hidden Ego.” In Asia she was also assigned by an eminent Architecture Office in Hong Kong. While in Asia, she took advantage of the opportunity to shoot reportages in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Back in Italy, at the end of July, she was assigned a new reportage by Max magazine to photograph on board of the huge Royal Caribbean ships shooting backstages and the cities of Greece and Turkey.



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