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Anna Maria Barbera Sconsolata

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 by in Editorials | 0 comments

ANNA MARIA BARBERA "Sconsolata" Editorial


Weekly March issue #10

I recently signed a deal with the agency Mondadori Portfolio to work on several shooting for their main titles. I started right away with Chi magazine as I was personally selected within the portfolios proposed by the agency directly by director in chief Alfonso Signorini.

I thought it would be a little strange and difficult to work with them specially because I could never work as a “paparazzi”. But fortunately I was assigned to do star’s shooting and the first set was the one with Anna Maria Barbera, better known as “Sconsolata” from Zelig TV show.  I had seen her once or twice because I don’t usually watch TV so I discovered a very sweet and lovely woman, who gave herself totally for the shooting. We shot in the hotel called Ramada Plaza an entire afternoon, it was unforgettable!

Technical infos and staff:

Make-up/Hair: Elisa Rampi

Wardrobe: La Gina, Manuel Menini.

Set assistants: Laura Bessega and Roberto Savio.

Camera: Hasselblad H4D-40

Profoto Lighting system

Equipment and accessories Manfrotto 

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