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Beautiful China Photo Exhibition in Milan

Posted on Jun 23, 2013 by in Asia, Events, News | 0 comments

Monica Silva in front of her shots

Beautiful China

Photo exhibition on China with shots of Monica Silva.

If you happen to be around downtown in Milan this week, along the way in Via Dante, you will see a photo exhibition on China with the pictures I shots  ​​some time ago in collaboration with the Chinese Office of Tourism and Nikon.

Press Release:
From the center of Milan to South China and Shanghai in a blink of an eye. You will not need a form of science fiction or a teleportation machine, simply stroll down via Dante, from June 23rd to 29th 2013 to see the photographic exhibition of China hosted  with the collaboration of the italian authorities.
Thirty Photographic panels mounted on 15 self-supporting structures, accompanied by solar panels that will ensure the lighting at night, allowing citizens and tourists to get close to the culture and traditions of the South of China and Shanghai through the photographs of outstanding personalities, Italian and Chinese, who have spent their time in China on holiday or work.

The exhibition, which will be inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Republic of China, which aims to emphasize the friendship between the two countries, is the first of a series of events that the Chinese National Tourism Bureau, with the support of ‘Embassy of the Republic of China in Italy, will organize as  EXPO 2015 in Milan approaches.

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