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Inside Brazil Contemporary art Santo Stefano Bologna

Monica Silva’s latest news: Inside Brazil Contemporary art: Cesar Meneghetti, Christian Cravo, Luis Martins, Branco, Monica Silva.  A collective of contemporary brasilian artists. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, video installation, photography in one of the most  beautiful italian domes, Santo Stefano in Bologna. The exhibition is curated by Silvia Evangelisti and  Stefania Cesari from an idea of Tania Berni. Opening January 25th, 2017 till February 8th 2017. Opening...

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Art Installation Filippo La Mantia

Milan 2016. In the last week a new artistic collaboration has come to life between Monica Silva and Filippo La Mantia to showcase (permanent and rotating) Monica’s works at the Oste & Cuoco, the best known place in Milan. Oste & Cuoco (Innkeeper and chef) is a place full of magic, relaxing and extremely unique atmosphere created from a project by the architect Piero Lissoni. It is a very large...

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Monica Silva at Affordable Art Fair 2015 Hamburg

For the first time, I’ll  I’ll be one of the artists at the fourth edition this November from 18th-22nd November 2015, represented by the spanish Gallery Gaudi from Madrid. There will be 75  international galleries all showcasing a huge array of contemporary art.  You’ll find fresh new talents hanging alongside well-known names, as well as  my images, a  homage to the father of pop art Andy Warhol, “Banana...

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Finissage MIA FAIR at Still Gallery in Milan

Dear friends, this is to announce you that on April 28th in Milan there will be held the finissage of the works shown at MIA FAIR. It will be held in Still Gallery from 6:30pm in Via Ballila 36. You can buy the works and meet the three of us: Betta Gancia, Luisa Menazzi Moretti and Monica Silva. Please share your love and come in...

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Lux Et Filum Monica Silva Istituto di Cultura Italiano Sao Paulo

“LUX ET FILUM – A CONTEMPORARY VISION OF CARAVAGGIO” ISTITUTO DI CULTURA ITALIANO SAO PAULO 17 March 17 April 2015. Avenida Higienòpolis, 436 It is said that leaving is also a bit to die …. in my case I would say it is also a bit to suffer. I have two homelands in the heart. Two countries that for different reasons gifted me a lot:...

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Lux et Filum press release and upcoming show in Sao Paulo once again

Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a major force in explaining man to man. Edward Steichen   Here I am  dear friends, with my first impressions on this wonderful journey to the launching of my bravest (so far)...

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Lux Et Filum Contributors

“Achieve your dreams only thru onesty and hard work.” Monica Silva I went to the lab for printing proof  of my new project Lux Et Filum which will be launched in Sao Paulo in September. To see my dreams come to life and alive on paper is a huge thrill.  Large prints (200x150cm) worthy measures for stunning photos, as David La Chapelle, said to himself...

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MIA photography Fair 2014 creativity

MIA photography Fair 2014 lacking of creativity I went to MIA photography fair today. Having just shot ​​a new project, I thought it would be better to see if there was something similar etc . Heck, if there were any young talent that had striked me ! There were old already seen exhibitions from the past editions! I had lunch with Aurelio Amendola ,...

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Onde Funky The Butterfly’s Fall Review by Paola Gallo

There are some people that you meet for the first time and they carve a deep mark in your soul impossible to delete. Paola had that kind of magic on me when I first met her. This is a wonderful period of my life, dreams come true, lots of love, real friends and great achievements in my carrier. It’s not only a coincidence that...

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The Butterfly’s Fall exhibition the opening and impressions

“I spent most of my life telling stories of my ghosts in the third person. Now I went down into the underworld and I faced my demons. There is no way to return. The butterfly’s Fall , the beginning of a long journey, where I’ll undress my soul to tell the world all the hidden truths. “ ***  Last Thursday we opened the Butterfly’s...

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The Butterfly’s Fall – Postcards from Tokyo by Monica Silva

“Female beauty is like the flower of cherry blossoms, it fades away in no time, and there remain only the memories of the memory, the ethereal lightness of petals in the wind. It lingers, a nostalgic look, perfumes slumbering in soft whiteness of eternity. ” There’s much more in a woman than a man can see. Monica Silva   Press Release Artist: Monica Silva...

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