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The web, the modern Aladdin lamp

Milan. June 6th, 2016. Not many years ago I used to teach my son (today 21 yrs old) thru encyclopedias and dictionaries, specialy dictionaries, which I used to collect in many different languages. The web today is like a sort of “The Lamp of Aladdin”, the chinese character (yes, he was chinese and not persian) who populated our childhood, nowadays, the youngsters, and us...

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N Photography cover featured

A famous American poet said: “Find what you love and let it kill you.”  Charles Bukowski Pleased to announce that “N Photography” of this month features Monica Silva’s works. 8 Pages of images and interview. The magazine is full of grate articles for photography lovers and the interview they have done on my work is very interesting for those who loves portraiture. Don’t miss it. Please share...

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Fotografare Magazine Interview

What do you want to express with your photography? With my photography I am not interested to express anything other than my intimate fantasies. I love creating new worlds  – both in portraiture and on staged projects – deep from my subconscio, that lead me to become estranged from the real world. It helps me to free myself completely from a reality not always very kind in the past, which...

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Fotografare January Issue with Monica Silva

Never be afraid to be happy. Go out there and enjoy life and all the beautiful that it offers you! Monica Silva and works in an interview by Fabrizio Armati for this month’s issue “FOTOGRAFARE”. Don’t miss it and share your love! FOTOGRAFARE WEBSITE   Fotografare 2016 january Fotografare 2016 january Fotografare 2016...

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Monica Silva on Digital Camera February 2015 Issue

Here’s a preview cover of the February 2015 Digital Camera issue, available in digital on Monday, January 19 and from January 24 also on sale!   Portfolio Interview : The portraits of the soul: Monica Silva   DIGITAL CAMERA ON...

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Watanabe San New Old camera

“My photography never grows old because it seems already old at the start.” Hiroshi Sugimoto Many know about my passion for Japan and its ancient culture , therefore , also its ” sons” bring me endless emotions . In a visit to Leica store for a meeting with Andrea Mariani etc , surprisingly takes me to personally meet Mr. Watanabe san owner of New...

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Concept Magazine Monica Silva soul doctor

Monica Silva, the photographer who takes care  of other’ soul …Dedicated to experimental photography, Monica Silva was also in charge of photography for interior architecture. As a professional photographer is ambassador for Nikon, Manfrotto and Hasselblad, these brands often engage her in seminars and workshops for psychology in portraiture, both in Europe and in other continents. In parallel to commercial photohraphy, Monica Silva is...

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Osservatorio Digitale Monica Silva Interview

“….In photography we must never stop trying new experiences: life itself experiments with us, we are born with a face and die with another. I think my photography has undergone many changes over the years and so it will again in the future, regardless of the kind of camera or filter that I will use. I do not want sound like an egocentric person...

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Photographing is sharing

A special Digitalic, issue dedicated to brilliant women. Digitalic the magazine on technology and web news, dedicated this mont’s issue to brilliant women. Monica Silva was interviewed by the journalist Barbara Silbe on what she thinks about sharing pictures on the web, blogging and her latests works. You can read the interview thru the link here enclosed or download the entire issue or to...

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