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Not for everyone it is Christmas

Pablo Neruda said: “A child who does not play. Is not a child” I often think about this quote regarding my childhood. I had no chances to have toys. I had no loving parents who thought about my need to be a child. I used to get  corn cobs and transform them in ‘beautiful’ dolls with long blond hair, dressing them in fanciful newsprint clothes...

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Promises and promise not

“I am looking for a permanent center of gravity …. that does not make me ever change my mind on things and on people …” Franco Battiato. Day #3 Diary They say I am a believer, because I believe in everyone and in everything. But I confess I’m sick of the people who promise deeds and done and then have second thoughts. I think that...

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Photoshow Monica Silva and Nikon Italia

“It’s a sign of great inner insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar.” Anaìs Nin 1949 Day #2 Diary It’s getting too cold for my taste, I am a sunny animal so indeed it’s a bit ‘ too cold, however, we try to bring the sun within, don’t we? 🙂 Friends near and far, on 23 , 24 and 25 October will take place...

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Bitter flavour of life

“Take life with joy even before the most bitter difficulties.” Day #1 To photograph means putting oneself  in confrontation with the mirror that one has in front of him  and get into the shoes of a new character, a new being to discover how wonderful it is to extend a hand to a stranger. I learned to live light, without material commitments, it helps us...

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