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Lo Specchio dell’io – Art White Night Bologna

The opening of the exhibition “inside Brazil” Curated by Silvia Evangelisti and Stefania Cesari, at the dome of Santo Stefano’s cloister in bologna, as I already informed, has been a great success. The exhibition is open until 8 February and this week the exhibition is in the program Art City for Artefiera 2017, so tomorrow, the three of us artists we’ll be doing live performances for...

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Colin Firth

There are people who you stumble upon for a moment and leave on you a pleasant sensation. I had a few minutes to take a picture of Colin Firth at the Venice Film Festival some time ago and I was left with a real wish to take a picture the way I see him. They say that the universe conspires to make your wishes...

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EyesOpen the photography magazine

EYESOPEN! The new magazine of photography, made by two great, strong women: Manuela Cigliutti and Barbara Silbe. Where others close due to the difficulties of this moment, they have believed and fight for a world of talent often shaded and managed by a select few. I have seen in the past women, for whatever reason, coalition against their peers and it is precisely for...

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Christies auction A noi ci frega lo sguardo … a good deed in favor of Communità Nuova Onlus II edition

Christies auction “What play us a trick is the look  …” a good deed in favor of Communità Nuova Onlus II edition Photographic Auction in favor of Communità Nuova: GAM, 2 December 2014. After the huge success of last year, Communità Nuova Onlus, in partnership with the auction house Christie’s, Gallery of Modern Art and Open Care – Art services, launches the Second Edition Photographic charity auction “What...

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