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Monica Silva restrospective 2015

The first real challenge is to believe in ourselves, believe in what we do until death. No one can give us theway or do something for us, it’s us who create synergies to make people listen to us and help to make our dreams come true. So I hope that in 2016 this is still an opportunity to make new projects with all the energy...

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Portable led lighting by Manfrotto

Last year I did a workshop for Manfrotto’ staff. That time I tried the complete set of the Spectra Pro Led Lighting and was amazed by it’s power and versatility. I think it’s the desire of every photographer to bring with him professional lighting to make better pictures wherever situation he finds himself. Well now it’s reality. This portrait of Mr. Renzo Rizzo, Chief Marketing Officer, shows the...

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MANFROTTO KLYP+ Travel Smartphone Photography

“Each trip is a page of a novel you would not want to end. The photographs, the chapters within it. “ Times have changed, technologies allow us to freeze moments of daily life that once would not be possible. I often wonder where all this will lead us. We have become so demanding! Photography for me is a necessity that goes far beyond the kind...

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Manfrotto Bags Travel Article Sao Paulo, Brazil a Journey to the heart

A journey of the heart: São Paulo. Stories through photographic memories. I love to travel because it’s the best way to grow both culturally and socially. Living one’s entire life in their country of birth makes them arrogant and ignorant. When you meet other cultures you learn their traditions and heritage and respect for other people’s space and in doing so you enrich your...

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Lighting Tutorial Simple yet powerfull Spectra Led Lighting by Manfrotto

I was aked by Manfrotto to try some of their new led light in one of my works. As soon as I got a few samples of Spectra and Maxima84 led lighting, I took the chance right away to try this new product in a project called “Il Difetto” with an exceptional model, the book writer, Rossella Rasulo…. This is the intro of my article...

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Paoletti School of Photography Workshop Bologna

PAOLETTI SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT & NUDE WORKSHOP In the great city of Bologna on January 25th, Paoletti School of Photography organized a top level workshop under my direction. It was a great day of practicing and sharing love towards photography. There were 35 participants eager to get into the great set ups ongoing. I wanted to show different difficulties level working with professional...

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Blog Diary: Activities of a great starting year

2014 A GREAT STARTING YEAR In my psychology in portraiture workshops, there is no other more satisfying answer that a few days later receive a letter from someone who tells me that I have changed their lives, I have given them new hopes, or that I awakened something new within their soul. This is the prize that every photographer should aim to : touch...

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Hasselblad the manufacturer of NASA’s moon camera and me a proud owner

HASSELBLAD.  This is the manufacturer that made possible to see pictures from men’s landing on the moon. The manufacturer of NASA’s moon camera. This is history. The smell of real photography: nostalgia of film, the click that clacks, the sound of the winch rolling film, the touch of real metal, the understanding of shutter speed  and frames,  the waiting for  breathtaking moments. This is the feeling...

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Manfrotto Maxima-84 Led light

MAXIMA-84 HYBRID LED LIGHT Some days ago Manfrotto sent me an incredible product:  led lighting panels. I was told that it would be very useful for the kind of work I do, very useful to shoot my portraits anywhere. At the beginning, I confess I was a little skeptical and then a friend and colleague Davide Rossi  asked if I could do some shots...

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