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Concept Magazine Monica Silva soul doctor

Posted on Feb 26, 2014 by in Interviews, News | 0 comments

Concept Magazine

Monica Silva, the photographer who takes care  of other’ soul

…Dedicated to experimental photography, Monica Silva was also in charge of photography for interior architecture.
As a professional photographer is ambassador for Nikon, Manfrotto and Hasselblad, these brands often engage her in seminars and workshops for psychology in portraiture, both in Europe and in other continents.
In parallel to commercial photohraphy, Monica Silva is often engaged to artistic photography since 2008.

We attended her last exhibition in Milan “The Butterfly’s Fall – Postcards from Tokyo “, which was held at Nuova Galleria Morone: a collection of unpublished photos of Tokyo and a touching art video installation in which the Brazilian photographer undress her soul on a personal experience particularly dramatic, transforming the release of a butterfly from the chrysalis into a symbol of an emotional catharsis of extraordinary delicacy.

The complete interview on Concept Magazine website by Erika Grapes

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