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Corriere Della Sera La Lettura Sao Paulo

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 by in Corriere della Sera, Travel Diary | 0 comments

Sao Paulo from Martinelli building

Corriere della Sera La Lettura – 23 Dicembre 2012

The brazilian writer Milton Hatoum, describes in an emotional article about what the huge Sao Paulo has become today. Reportage by Monica Silva. Translation from Portuguese to italian by Tiziana Tonon

Although the life of most paulistani is hard and painful, it isn’t difficult to maintain a close friendship, that may result from meetings or informal relations with neighbors or strangers, as if every neighborhood of the city was a small town. These relationships are crucial to the Brazilians and, in some way, define us.
Here, the origins and identity are so diverse and multifaceted that being a foreigner is also to be native. Manaus, where I was born and spent my childhood, and the cities where I lived – Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berkeley – left me memories that have influenced my work as a writer. But the energy and cultural  vibration of Sao Paulo allow and stimulate me  to know different cultures, and not just of my country. Here, nothing is crystallized, the landscapes are changing, the movement of people of all latitudes of the world is constant. In a few years the neighborhoods take on a new look, in a constant process of destruction and reconstruction of this megalopolis that looks like a urban palimpsest. In this sense, living in Sao Paulo is a challenge, but it is also a rich and transcendent experience. As the narrator of the novel Grande Sertão: Veredas of João Guimarães Rosa, I could say:
I come from where I was born. I am from other places. “Sao Paulo is one of those places.
If you are interested in this article, write an email asking us for the complete article in PDF. Good reading!

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