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Dona Cano 105yrs old Goodbye

Posted on Dec 25, 2012 by in News, Travel Diary | 0 comments

Dona Canò - Rodrigo Veloso

I always had a terrible relationship with Chirstmas, specially when bad news come when it’s supposed to be a day of hapiness; family together, war exchanged for peace (in every sense) and lots of gifts, smiles and feast. But today to worsen my feelings I got the message from a friend that Dona Cano, mother of  Caetano Veloso e Maria Bethania, has died. She was a landmark to the little town of Santo Amaro da Purificaçao where she lived, but not only. I was there last may during a reportage  for Max magazine and had the opportunity to take some pictures but best of all to meet her and Caetano Veloso’s brother, Rodrigo, personally and to spend some hours listening to her stories of a 100 years! So bright and vivid! I can hardly realize she’s gone!

“May she blesses us all and keep shinning her beautiful way of being.”

Here’s the article written by Massimo Poggini for Max when we visited her: and today his memory to her

In this gallery the moments we shared, my simple shots as simple she was with my trip companions: Rafael Fontana a brazilian journalist, Hector Pertierre our wonderful Guide, me the image teller and Massimo Poggini for Max.


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