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Ezio Raimondi, the greatest italianist dies at age 89 | Monica Silva Photography
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Ezio Raimondi, the greatest italianist dies at age 89

Posted on Mar 19, 2014 by in Corriere della Sera, News | 0 comments

Ezio Raimondi by Monica Silva

I met Ezio Raimondi at his house 4 years ago. It was for an article to be published on Corriere della Sera.  I will always remember him as great man of other times. I will never forget his shinning blinking eyes watching me set up the lights to photograph him. I  will never forget the moment he told me secretely that he spent an entire life waiting to be photographed in a real set as I was doing for him.

I love books and reading. Books are my life. His house was something amazing. There were books even in the ceiling! It was beautifullly chaotic! An immersion in letters and stories and history. And he had read all those books, he told me. I would get any small one from e huge pile and he would tell me what that was about.

I was lucky to have crossed his path, I was lucky to have photographed him.

Read more on Corriere della Sera, today there is a beautiful article written by Paolo Di Stefano with one of the images I shot.


Ezio Raimondi on Wikipedia
Il Mulino La Voce dei Libri (my collaboration)


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