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Google Plus and Vanity Url issue

Posted on Aug 27, 2013 by in News | 0 comments



How many of you have a Google plus account? It seems to be the best way to advertise your business just because managed by Google itself  which  seems to prefer posts created within their social to be highlighted on the search engine.
I just got a job thanks to G+. The company, Germany based, was categorical about this. They found me through G+ and wanted my cooperation just because I was on G+ because it would give me an advantage in helping to widely promote the activities that I am doing for them.
If I come to think of  it, makes me smile. I created that account to upload my ex boyfriend’s videos in a channel dedicated to his works and strangely enough, after I have created a channel for my works, I can not add it to this account that’s why I have never invested much efforts to make it work, which of course I will try to do all I can to make it work better from now on. The thing that annoys me is that you do not have the so-called “vanity URL”,  the address that points to your page in the browser bar. You don’t read your name but a series of numbers that no one ever remember. And it seems that it is virtually impossible to get one unless you have enough time to send amounts of emails and giving valid reasons to get a hold of  your name instead of a long series of numbers as if you were a robot!
I have much to learn on G+ secrets and maybe some of you know more than me about these issues.  Impressions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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