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Hasselblad Experience in Monopoli

Posted on Nov 16, 2011 by in Galleries, Portrait Psychology, Workshops | 0 comments


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Hasselblad Bulletin International

We have just concluded event DGTales Hasselblad Experience in Monopoli, the story in the words of Monica Silva:

“Two intensive days with unknown faces that suddenly I found myself in a deep union, in a peaceful sharing of souls. It is not easy to arrive at a deeper level of knowledge with people who you have never met before, but this time, although the place wasn’t the most ideal for an intimate gathering between all the classmates, i witnessed a few transformations and unexpected side revelations of the participants, an unthinkable change before starting. An intense energy, a memorable bond of the warmth and helpful people as I found in the inhabitants of Apulia. We were many, a great family, some just curious others with an already started personal research or at the very begining for the need to go beyond the usual masks. Hungry children, they seemed to me, hungry to know, to understand what was hidden behind my words, for me, the memory of their faces, their eyes probabilly much more than a name. The memory of shining eyes at the conclusion of the work at the moment to say goodbye, testifying that I had left some of my imprinting in their souls.
I’m always unsure if whether or not to get into new workshops for the extreme effort that sees me involved and that is why I delegate the organization to companies that make me a well-established work environment in order to get the job done in the most professional and relaxed way.
My doubt, however, always remains if people understand and realize the importance of knowing the psychology on portrait. In Monopoly, I understood that I should carry on just for what i felt coming from the people I met in that event, people eager to go beyond mere appearances.
Thank you all and especially to DGTales Vanna and Pino, Hasselblad Andrea Mariani, Antonio Manta for the beautiful images printed and to my colleagues Maurizio Cigognetti, Daniel Barraco, Mario Oliva and Mimmo Basile who have made these two days very special. Soon you will see the results obtained and published on Victor Italy.
And from my side, I just can’t wait ’till the next adventure to souls hunting!”

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