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In the Kitchen with Massimo Bottura

Posted on Jul 29, 2012 by in Corriere della Sera, Galleries | 0 comments

Massimo Bottura

A couple of years ago, Style Piccoli assigned me to photograph Massimo Bottura.  I spent an wonderful unforgetable day. I was invited to visited Osteria La Francescana and then straight to his house where i witnessed him teaching his daughter to prepare the famous aemilian ‘Passatelli’. At the end everbody tasted Alexa’s cooking which i should say was delicious confirming she’s got the talent of her father. Their house were full of incredible art and a photography collection hardly seen around for it’s exclusivity, my feeling was that of an art gallery.  Yes indeed I’ll never forget that day and I’ve been willing to have a wonderful dinner at La Francescana since then, specially because he invited me and a promised i would so I definitely gotta go back there.

An abstract from the recent article of Veronica Russo on with the pictures:


The Italian chef and his daughter prepare a feast in Modena

It’s a little strange to see a chef with three Michelin stars, someone who has crossed spatulas with the likes of Alain Ducasse and George Coigny, take off the white hat and leave the scene to someone else. Of course, when that someone else is Alexa, daughter of three-Michelin Star chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena, letting go of kitchen duties isn’t quite that difficult to do. “I’m really good at making passatelli [an egg-based fresh pasta], fillet with balsamic vinegar, and deserts like cupcakes and banana bread,” she says. Unusual deserts for Modena but not out of the ordinary for Alexa, whose mom, Lara, is from New York. “She’s okay,” admits Massimo while helping his daughter from a distance, while she pokes fun at him. “My hands are more sensitive than his, since he’s a little big,” she says. The Bottura home is like a Guggenheim outpost with pieces by Vanessa Beecroft, Robert Longo, Mario Schifano, and Maurizio Cattelan (whose stuffed pigeons are in the bathroom). “Art—Pop Art in particular—has always been a passion of mine”, says Bottura who used to work in the family oil business before choosing to pursue his passion for food by opening a small trattoria first followed by Osteria in 1995. At one point Charlie, the youngest family member, joins the fun. “He doesn’t cook,” says mom Lara with a smile. “But he loves to eat and really enjoy’s Alexa’s cooking.” —Veronica Russo

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