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Inspirational visions Biennale Venezia

Posted on Aug 31, 2013 by in Events, News | 0 comments

Sweden Pavillion Biennale Venezia

“I sat on the ground so as not to frighten it. I didn’t move…..”

An occasional shot, an inspirational vision

In a few days I’ll share one of the latests interview I have done for  ELVIS INSIDE, a project built to bring into light people of talent around the globe.
Meanwhile, I just wanted to share this image I shot during my reportage coverage of Biennale of Art last June for Corriere della Sera, because I spent most of my thoughts on inspirations and beautiful energies around us.

Biennale d’Arte Internazionale
There a lot to be inspired in such a huge exhibition, too much even. I had to shoot the Sweden pavilion and was fascinated by the entire installation and how dreaming it was. I indeed froze myself there for a while, almost breathless, watching and shooting people and their essence!

There are much to be seen if you have eager eyes and a sensitive soul….




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