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Posted on Jul 2, 2014 by in Blog, Exhibitions, News | 0 comments


“Achieve your dreams only thru onesty and hard work.” Monica Silva

I went to the lab for printing proof  of my new project Lux Et Filum which will be launched in Sao Paulo in September. To see my dreams come to life and alive on paper is a huge thrill.  Large prints (200x150cm) worthy measures for stunning photos, as David La Chapelle, said to himself the person who was at the printer, I confess that he made me laugh.

I chose Hannehmuleh cotton rag paper, because the subjects seem to materialize. Looking at the print I realized it was not a dream and is just about to happen. Now my question is, who knows what he, Caravaggio, would say on the way I interpreted his masterpieces, totally unexpected to everything that has been done before by other artists and inspired ones.
I would like to thank the many people who have helped us to achieve this goal, without them it would have been impossible. All my gratitude to each of you:
Reda Fine fabrics, Ercole, Guglielmo, Fabrizio e Felipe.
Mafer and especially to Andrea D’Atti who introduced me directly to the top board of Phase One and Broncolor, two major brands that with their products added to the project sharp images in detail and quality. To M8 Studios Diego and the entire staff who assisted me for 10 days: Pedro, Philipe, Carlo, Angelo,  Mito and Andrea. To Elizabetta  Sanguin, said Bettina, sweet designer who gave so much to accomplish all the sets. A Chiara Porfido and her advices. To Davide Rossi for the still life masterpieces, to Gianluca Catzeddu who managed masterfully the post production, Bruno Calicchio who has accompamied us in the four corners of Italy and solved many problems, Cecilia Consolini, for the hairstyle art of Jesus for Supper at Emmaus, to my adorable stylist Laura Tacconelli and her valid assistant Valeria for the creation of instant clothes on set and perfectly fit, to Stefy Gilardi for the magnificent work of chiaroscuro on make-up, Alessandro Valotto who so patiently followed us step by step on backstage filming, to Elizabetta Brian for the photo’s backstage, to Manfrotto for their support not only technical but also moral, Giuseppe La Spada, amazing video artist for the incredible shots of interactivity that will make the show really emotional, my tireless and always on the piece Carlotta Coppo, to Elite Models for the beautiful and super models available: Moises Galavotti (Bacchus), Sergio Duzioni, Laura Lazzarin, Claudio Cozzolino, Andrea Calicchio (Supper at Emmaus), J. Gao  Matheus, Davis S, Angelo Galvano (The Musicians), Staphilos Totero  (Narcissus), Francesca Rossi for Bollani’s make-up, to Stefano Bollani that without wondering why agreed to pose for a portrait remaining the only true classic chiaroscuro of Caravaggio’s style. Thank you very much to all  my friends who have helped and will continue to do so until the exhibition opening in Sao Paulo and beyond. And the adventure have just started!
Stay around and show your love. Hugs of light!


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