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Mario Venuti – The Last romantic Album

Posted on May 29, 2012 by in Editorials | 0 comments

Mario Venuti

Last 6 of May the new album titled “The last Romantic” by the Italian singer Mario Venuti was released. It was a pleasure to work with him and here a little story.
Mario called me a few months ago to my surprise, saying he wanted me for his new cover. I wanted to photograph him since I first met him in the presentation of Jesus Christ Superstar show with Matthew Becucci but the opportunity to ask or to propose to his record label didn’t happen. So when I got his call, it took me pleasantly by surprise and I immediately thought: See? When things are for you no one will ever take them away! The shoot was done, in a wonderful set, full of harmony with an unparalleled staff. Almost in the end of the day I ask Alfio who was in charge of the styling to lend me his silver ring with a skull to make a personal shot. Mario looked at me a bit surprised but agreed to do the shot. That that shot was not scheduled to be done. After post production I thought it was very beautiful and interesting and sent it to him saying that I knew he wouldn’t need it because it had nothing to do with the title of the album but I was glad to share it with him. Mario and his collaborators got crazy about the picture and after a few days the news that it would be officially the cover of the new album.
Life is full of “coincidences” isn’t it? Here’s a few: A few days later, Corriere della Sera called me to shoot for “La Lettura”. I met an artist of the illustration business: Fabian Negrin. We did the photo session and when I was about to leave he gives me his book, entitled Frida and Diego. I love Frida Kahlo. Back home in Milan where I was staying with friends I start reading the dedication that he wrote for me and to my surprise there was an intro image of a skull that reminds me of the work I did on Spoon River “Life Above All”. I go through the pages and all of a sudden I drop the book from my hands. In a full page was a picture of Frida Kahlo, with a scarf of the same color as the background I used to do the shot with Mario, she in the same pose as Mario, showed a small skull near her right eye! My friends, whom one of them was the designer of the chair with the light bulbs set and who was also present on the set, were dumb, they knew very well that shot was done by surprise, out of schedule and I swear I’d never seen Negrin’s book before and I actually did not even know Fabian Negrin. When you say fate, uh? This is just another confirmation when I say that life gives us messages constantly that if we are ready to catch them, wondrous events unfold before us.
Mario Venuti – Artist
Monica Silva – Photographer
Pietro Rocchetta Casadio – Profoto Lighting designer
Chiara Porfido – Set designer
Marco Coppola – Make-artist
Alfio Bardola – Stylist
Laubezzy – set assitant
Wilder Biral – Set Assistant
P12 photo studio – Milano
Pietro Calicchio – Chair designer
Profoto Lighting and Hassleblad H4D 40 cameras and Manfrotto equipments were used for this shooting

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