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Max Magazine Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Posted on Sep 7, 2012 by in Editorials, Europa | 0 comments

Monica Silva Photographer for Max Magazine

Royal Caribbean – Max Magazine is out with the September’ issue.

I confess that in the begining I was thinking in saying no to this job. But then I thought that it could be a good experience, so why not to try!
Today I can say it was my best decision ever!. It was an amazing experience. Lots of fun and activities and eating!!
The backstages for me where the most exciting. I was invited many times to the kitchen to see the hundreds of cooks and assistants working hard to get served more then 120.000 meals plates done per day! It was a melting pot like, for the countless amount of workers coming everywhere from the globe!
I was also invited to visit and photograph the Capitain’s Throdur’s cabin. It was really exciting and almost scaring as well. From there everything was so small and the question how a person can drive that peacefully as I witnessed Throdur comes easily to your mind. Those pictures thou are the most interesting to me. Behind the scenes are always, aren’t day?

I didn’t have much time for myself actually as it was so interesting to photograph not speaking the moments we stopped in different ports and cities. I was completely one piece with my camera, shooting anything I could as it was the last thing to do on earth!.

The amount of things to on this ship is not possible to tell here as each person have their own experience and would tell you a different story from the same thing. 7 days of many activities and living with all those people would be unthinkable for me. I only can say that I enjoyed very much the kindness of the Navigator’ staff. Such an energy and friendliness I believe only there can be seen. We were 3.500 people and I think it’s not easy to manage it all. Their efficiency is over the top and will be one of my most unforgetable moments of my life.
In 7 days i took so many pictures and here there are only a few selection waiting maybe one day to have the opportunity to show them all.

Hope you like and and see you soon in a near new adventure.

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