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Monica Silva Photography Upcoming Activities

Posted on Dec 7, 2013 by in News, Workshops | 0 comments

Monica SIlva photographed by Davide Rossi

“I keep on dreaming….because that’s the way to keep faith and warmth in the heart.”

Here’s, as a reminder, my upcoming activities. January will start with a busy agenda but I love all this ongoing because I feel alive and full of energy.  January 17 I will be in Camponogara at Teatro Dario Fo for a close encounter on psychology portraiture, get the infos and come join me. Then on the 18 and 19 of January it’s time to face my Hidden Egos and of those who will participate to the psychology portraiture workshop at the magnificent Tre Oci building directed by Denis Curti at Giudecca in Venice. Two intensive days of psychological experiments, readings and practice to discover a new self and to get a little closer to secrets of a magic portrait. Take a look at the link for further infos.

After Venice much more is going on but I will hold one more great event workshop at Paoletti Photography School in Bologna. An entire day of nude & art portrait at the wonderful spaces of Portici Hotel, with the participation of Manfrotto, Nikon, Epson and Sony and a special art guest Chizu Kobayashi who will draw wonderful transparent gowns for beautiful shots.  February will be time to start getting sets ready for my newest project dedicated to Italian clients for a big venue in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to be hold on May 2014. I’ll be doing men castings, location scouting, props searching for one of my most challenging project. Stay tuned for all the news coming soon regarding this project.  Don’t forget to pencil The Butterfly’s Fall – Postcards from Tokyo exhibition for a visit. It’s my recent exhibition with photography and video installations. Public Free entrance open until the 1st of February at Nuova Galleria Morone Via Nerino 3 Milan, Italy. Please join and share all my activities.




17th January 2014Encounter with author Monica Silva the psychology in portrait Teatro Dario Fo Camponogara
18-19th January 2014 CASA TRE OCI Giudecca Venezia My Hidden Ego psychology on portraiture
25th January 2014 PAOLETTI SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY Nude & Art portrait workshop Portici Hotel Bologna
21st November to 1st of February 2014 The Butterfly’s Fall – Postcards from Tokyo photography and video exhibition Nuova Galleria Morone V. Nerino,3 Milan, Italy

***Photo by Davide Rossi***

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