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on the ‘Royal Caribbean’ Navigator Of The Seas

Posted on Jul 31, 2012 by in Europa, Travel Diary | 0 comments

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My week of firsts on the ship Royal Caribbean Navigator Of The Seas

When the editors of Max assigned me to this job I was a little bewildered. How could a magazine like this Max be interested on cruises?! I accepted the job as a challenge and with great curiosity. Their motivations were right in the end and you’ll see the article by Massimo Poggini out in September.
As for me, besides my curiosity as a person and photographer, has been a week of firsts for an infinity of things. Just to mention some: my first time on a cruise, my first time in a tour group (Shirince, Greece), my first time in a hop on hop off bus (Athens), my first time in a group game (I was also the head of the team on The Quest game), my first time tasting turkish food (and I liked it a world!), my first time in a captain’s bridge and also my first time I played the horn at the port of Chania, Crete, and the list could go forever.

I confess that I was very skeptical as to whether to take a cruise. I was afraid of being bored, to resent being long on the ocean but mostly for the wrong picture I had on thinking it was for ‘old people’. Instead I discovered a fascinating world, full of things to do, Broadway shows with talented dancers engaged by the company led by Laura Canova main ballerina and on top of that Italian. I ate at fabulous restaurants, met beautiful people from all over the world and for those who are never still like me, there were tons of activities worth to be in. Sometimes I was spellbound in a revival of movies scenes like Titanic or The Shining, but also scenes of Fellini films. The first for the majesty of the elegant restaurants and bars and people with gala evening dresses and romantic couples that seemed float in the air, the second for the endless corridors with some door half open where sometimes sinister people suddenly would come out just like in the script worthy of Kubric as in The Shining, the movie that still scares me the most untill today, and Fellini for the variety of people as odd and the most fantastic in their clothes and hairstyles. You could write entire chapters on these characters. The excentricity that I noticed here, I do not get anywhere else so far.

And what about the wild Quest game, where people would take off bras (I myself did it but kept my T-shirt on), trousers and even dentures among the items that was asked by Simona Ferrajuolo, the beautiful italian cruise director, to collect points and win! The quote was: what happens inside the Navigator of the Seas remains inside the ship, but if you think that there were 3,480, try to multiply the number of people who have documented with photos and video? It could happen that maybe the next president of a corporation be reminded to have wore a bra, lipstick, high heels and handbag with only underwear on him for the amusement of all, as it really happened in my team! I barely laughed that much in my life, and this is nothing if you imagine that every day the staff invented a new game. I collected a lot of great moments in the heart but also many that I will not be willing to do again.

I was very struck by the kindness of the crew. They can remember your name every time they come across to you. And do it with 3,480 people in different languages is something unbelievable. But one of the most exciting moments for me was when we spent time in the capitain Thordur bridge, from Iceland. I took many pictures of this moment, little details, smiles, worried faces, curious watchers through the small windows in the captain’s cabin, etc. The departure from the port of Chania, Crete, was really emotional when the captain asked me to press a button within a thousand of others for 5 seconds three times. Without thinking twice I did it and when I heard an immense buzz more like a cry I understood that it was the ship’ siren! I confess that my legs were shaking, in all this, one thought: I’ll hold it properly, as I heard someone tell me in my ear, Greek seconds Monica, thus increasing my anxiety! Funny how that a simple gesture becomes cumbersome in a person’s head! Then surprisingly, we were invited to a gala dinner with the captain! The table and the most coveted and unique evening of the entire cruise. The dinner was set really early (at 6:30pm is dinner for Germans!) and i was around the ship taking pictures when I realized I was late an wearing T-shirt and jeans while all the others were very elegant! But as you know my verve is far superior to these things and nobody has noticed my clothes, thanks God!
We departed from Civitavecchia and did our first stop in the beautiful Messina, where even thou it was raining i couldn’t hold my self from taking pictures of it’s suggestive surrounds and the we headed to Greece in Chania which is a little like a romantic Venice. Full of shops, lots of trendy bars and and an old beautiful lighthouse. We also stopped in Turkey in the Port of Kusadari (pronounces Kushadari) where I experienced my first tour guide visiting a small village called Shrince where I ate delicious Turkey food and also visited Ephesus an old greek historical site.
I could go on telling you a lot more of other stories but I do not want to reveal too much because the special will be published in September together with the pictures.
Maybe my stories to some of you may seem simple, nothing special but I’m honest with you, i tell you what my soul has perceived, no filters, no roles that do not belong to me. I could easily do the part, tell you exagerating a whole lot things , but what good would it’d be? I hope that at least a little portion of it got to your heart and here i share very small portion of the pictures I took via Iphone and soon, you will see more broadly on my website and on the pages of Max.
I conclude saying that In my heart and memory will remain all the things that most impressed me, awaiting, who knows, that one day soon my stories will be read in some kind of memory images book left to those who will be willing to read them.

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