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Onde Funky The Butterfly’s Fall Review by Paola Gallo

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 by in Exhibitions, News | 0 comments

There are some people that you meet for the first time and they carve a deep mark in your soul impossible to delete. Paola had that kind of magic on me when I first met her. This is a wonderful period of my life, dreams come true, lots of love, real friends and great achievements in my carrier. It’s not only a coincidence that we have met each other after so long ago. Thanks Paola for the delicate touch of your words, for the beauty you have in your hugs and smiles. Paola Gallo you are beautiful!


Too often we talk about women , violence , abuse, only to be part of a discussion , just to feel better , just to ….
Last night I met after a long period , who I call , not without a little modesty , a dear friend. I haven’t seen her frequently, but now that she  lives back in Milan I will take some of her time and way of life to enrich my soul. Monica Silva is a well known photographer but this definition does not does her justice , because she knows how to go beyond the images of each subject and magically manages to capture their soul . Monica looks at the stars , there she writes her projects and her dreams and this has helped her , over the years, to get beyond the slums , the physical and psychological violence , the risk of infanticide suffered in the early years of her life. If we talk about violence this is an argument in which Monica is an expertise, but in her eyes, yet there is no trace of self-pity , but a light that pulses bright and welcomes whoever is in front of her. Yesterday I finally went to visit Nuova Galleria Morrone ( 3 Nerino street in Milan) “Butterfly ‘s Fall postcards from Tokyo ” and was impressed . But not so much for the pictures (which I expected to be of high level ), but for the idea that these images want to convey (a feminine fragile insecure women wearing smiles and off whenever they can) . And there are not only pictures, but also a video very neat and professional in elegant white ( pearl) and black ( shaded in gray ) in which Monica undresses herself ​​by scanning memories of abuse and violence . Her voice does not make allowances and makes us enter into a body dramatically violated since young age . Yet there is not a minute of vulgarity or complacency , but rather the elegance of gestures and movements that do not divert attention and gaze . A hint of emotion , ” but – says Monica – I have deliberately removed the images when I shattered and cry with despair because it was not the message I wanted to pass to the public .” Monica takes on what the exhibition is an important way towards its liberation of women in general that too often mute in silence making themselves accomplices of their condition .

“I spent a lot of time talking about my ghosts in the third person . Now I went down into the underworld and faced my demons . There is no way to come back, The butterfly ‘s fall the beginning of a long journey , where I will get bare in mind and soul to tell the world my hidden truths . “

I would like to be a witness, as far as possible , of her trip, to be part of this true story, heartfelt , full of frailty and courage. The exhibition closes February 1 of 2014. I recommend you do not miss it .***

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