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Photoshow 2013 Nikon Italia

Posted on Apr 3, 2013 by in Events, Workshops | 0 comments

Photoshow 2013 – Stand Nikon Italia – Nital

I am a lucky one because I have the credit of the most important professional photography brands existing today and if I come to think how it all started it would take some days to recollect all the most amazing events since I started in the photography business.

Photoshow 2013, one week is already gone and I hardly believe it all happen. Lots of people, tons of emotions and heartbeat in every sense. The kind of photography I do, is mainly intimate, almost secret and expose myself and my subject on a stage, wasn’t that easy. Specially when you are e perfectionist as I am. But i should say that I was glad to be involved in this year’s issue by Nital.

The company owned by Winkler family, loves with passion their work and invest a lot in any photographer should he or her be a professional or an amateur and it can be clearly seen in the attention they give to their costumers. Much more is coming up, a brand new studio open to professionals and exhibition areas and a pool of selected groups willingly to participate to the events that will take place in Torino.


In this Photoshow I met many professionals and amateur and could witness the passion thru their eyes.  The result was unbelievable, the amount of people in the stand was huge and all the efforts from Nital to do their best was obvious.


It was amazing the number of people connected on web streaming the second day, it reached points of 6.000 people simultaneously! That’s the result when one do things with passion. In this post you will find some links to see a portion of what happen thru  videos and the result of my shooting session which was really an intro but I brought some really nice shots from the wonderful girls, my model one reproduction the Jan Vermeer’s masterpiece “The girl with the pearl earing” and a second more sportif.

I am thankful to all of you who took part in this edition, to my staff and anyone of you who supported me. Enjoy it and stay by for much more is coming soon.

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