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There is a moment, a specific moment in time, marked by the darkest sound of your imagination, in which the world becomes suddenly flat, where everything is sharp and cold, in which you sadden alone.

Because the wonder of the unexpected and the enthusiasm are urges, are drugs and when they disappear they leave behind a burden made of desperation that holds your throat with both its hands.

Inspiration has no rules, has no time, has no form. Inspiration does not warn you and does not look for you even if it founds you. Inspiration seduces you and leaves you as a man who woos you endlessly without ever touching you.

Inspiration is the improbable that becomes possible, is the amazing shade that is hidden between the folds of reality. Inspiration takes the shape of the emptiness you have inside, as well as the water does with the glass that contains it. It fills every space left in memory, it takes care of your sighs and triggers every emotions, one right after the other, in their most intense and violent form.

Just inspiration knows how great it is to make a dream come true. Just inspiration knows how rewarding is to find a start between millions of words.

And that’s why you just can not help it.     “Rossella Rasulo”

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