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The Butterfly’s Fall

“I spent most of my life telling stories of my ghosts in the third person. Now I went down into the underworld and faced my demons. There is no way to come back. The butterfly’s Fall , the beginning of a long journey, where I’ll undress my soul to tell the world all the hidden truths.”

Monica Silva

The Butterfly’s Fall (Butterfly’s Autumn) is a photo and video project in which the artist invites us to enter into her world and to see reality of a violent childhood filtered through her perspectives.
The exhibition’s title is inspired by a video performance, in which the artist, shows bare body in an empty room, a sort of auto therapy process, scanning her painful childhood memories made ​​of raping and violence. The video has a strong emotional content, but yet it shows a poetic and delicate emotional feeling.
The scenes tells a mystical reality as ancestral words in Kanji appear on the bare skin as scars ,  the artist’s voice in off, in a calm and peaceful state of being, recalls traumatic events of violences since the age of five,  describing the ghosts  that have always accompanied her entire life.
Over the past two years, the artist has put into practice several “experiments” photos and video to describe her life and past. In this work, Monica exceeds the traditional introspective , process through a sort of “pilgrimage” in Japan. In particular, the City of Tokyo and its inhabitants become the protagonists of this unedited work. The photo installations expresses a poetic vision of the city, a kaleidoscope of images that portray the daily life of japanese women of all ages, forgetting for a moment, the chaos , the strobing lights of a chaotic city.

The video and photo installations is open until 1st of february 2014 at Galleria Nuova Morone, Milano, Via nerino 3

Backstage by Roberto Savio




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