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Still Life Picturing a lively project | Monica Silva Photography
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Still Life Picturing a lively project

Posted on Apr 8, 2014 by in News | 1 comment

Artcrafted world

“You’ll never find rainbows if you’re looking down.”
Charlie Chaplin

Lately I have been so busy that I can hardly rest my head on the pillow.  To create a new whole project, expect lots of studing, research and knowledge.  Knowledge to realize you are in the right path, in the right empathy with universe. I never shoot a project if I haven’t had any sort of “illumination” from above. Never! It wouldn’t work! I talk to my inter soul and I have that feeling, I put my sleeves up and start without indulgence.

Hopefully my mind never sleeps and I can rely on anything special coming my way.

I just can’t wait to start shooting and friday is the D day. Genova the set. An amazing staff made of ten people. Great lighting from Broncolor. Great camera. A generous sponsor. A big artist, a great person for a chalenging project promoter in Brazil, China, Europe.

Wish me luck and wait for the updates.

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