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Street Photography and emotional inspirations

Posted on Jul 30, 2013 by in News, Travel Diary | 0 comments

Life stop motion

Life in an emotional flow…

Life is so full of little moments that makes me wonder and inspire. I don’t get too excited about street photography because it’s like eating a pre cooked meal bought in a supermaket. You don’t add your ingredients, you don’t decide it’s flavour, you only eat it without adding nothing of your own, you can only back home, sit in your computer and try to give some special FX to what you don’t like and having the illusion that you have the picture!

But sometimes I love to stop and look around me and look for scenes as a stop motion film. I went a little ago for a coffee in any bar in the metro station. I see this couple, sitting there, in a solitary existence even thou surrounded by many others. He looked out in an empty look, she did the same. A quick look to each other and back again to their most intimate expressions. I could not retain myself to direct my Iphone in their direction and bring home this image, wondering why, wondering what their life was about and those sad look…. him wearing black socks with shiny black shoes and long shorts, a contradiction that made me think about two men in a single one…. Yes, indeed, life do inspire me for my photography.

Now I understand much of  Edward Hopper’s works… Doesn’t it look like one of his paintings?

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