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Style Corriere della Sera Leonardo Dona delle Rose Alberto Balocco | Monica Silva Photography
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Style Corriere della Sera Leonardo Dona delle Rose Alberto Balocco

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 by in Corriere della Sera, Travel Diary | 0 comments

Leonardo Dona delle Rose Cervinia

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. Tim Cahill

This mont’s issue talks about the passion for ski, interviewing well know italian entrepreneurs who told their secrets for a better day out in the snow. I photographed Leonardo Donà delle Rose in Cervinia and Alberto Balocco in his Pastry factory in Fossano.
I normally don’t like snow and cold weather. So when the editors called me for this job, I was quite unsure of accepting it for the idea of spending a whole day in the cold, wasn’t that inviting for my temper. The morning we were supposed to depart from Milano we receive a call saying that it was a terrible weather up in Cervinia. The journey was really bad but my company, Leonardo, was a good talker and I tried to be self-confident that things would get better when I remembered that many say I’m a lucky person and when I get to places with bad weather very soon the sun comes out. When I got there I was really uncertain regarding my luck that day, but I smiled and had no fear for I was sure that thinking positive would bring back the sun  again. We started going up, to 3450mt high. Wind and snow would cover up anything around us. I started taking my Iphone diaries pictures convinced that those would help to show everyone that the weather was bad in the begining to turn out in a beautiful day! Well, have a look yourself how the day came out, making me take wonderful pictures and take home delightful memories.

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