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TEDX Rovigo The landscape of the soul Monica Silva

Posted on Oct 30, 2016 by in Blog, News | 0 comments

TEDxRovigo Monica Silva

TEDxRovigo Landscape: Share your Vision

“In the boundless landscape of the soul, there are beautiful creatures who are nothing else but ourselves. 
Fantasy is a place to heal all diseases, a place where the soul is regenerated every day to make us a better person”


I participated to  TEDx Talks last September 24, 2016. It was an incredible experience and one of the most intense moments of my life.When I was invited to participate in the TEDxRovigo Landscape: Share your vision, I wanted to talk about my research on the psychology in the portraiture. Then I remembered that I wanted for a long time, go on the stages of the TED to tell the story of my life as a demonstration that we can change the path of our destiny.

My story is very strong and full of dramatic moments, but thanks to those stories I am now a strong and determined person. The pauses that you will see as I speak, are given by the fact that  my throat was clutched as I told the few episodes. There are scars too difficult to delete but I am stronger, and the proof is that I am here today, proud and free to tell.
My painful past does not want to be a lament but a share and stimulate healing to people like me who have suffered violence and has never managed to overcome completely dark periods. I am a witness proving that anyone can change their destiny into something wonderful.
I hope that my story can be an example to someone to radically change horrible stories,  find their way to stand into the light and overcome the bad memories.
I ask you to share this video and talk about it with your friends to help me complete my mission. I promised myself since very little that I would be taken away from that life, and I would tell the world what happened to me. My wish is to create a book with the story of my life going over the places of memory, a complex project but necessary because as certain events have occurred to me, I’m sure that still the same happens to so many women and girls out there.
Shortly I will create a Crowdfunding, so I ask for your help.
Thank you for your words of love and affection that I receive daily.

A wide huge hug full of light and positive energy.

My talk starts from 0:30 sec with a video intro with my pictures done for this edition. Enjoy it!

TEDxRovigo Standing Ovation from monicasilva on Vimeo.

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