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TEDxRovigo Emotional Speech

Posted on Sep 25, 2016 by in Blog, Events, News | 0 comments

Monica Silva TEDxRovigo

In the boundless landscape of the soul, there are beautiful creatures who are nothing else but ourselves. “
Fantasy is a place to heal all diseases, a place where the soul is regenerated every day to make us a better person”

TEDxRovigo: When dreams come true

I was talking with my producer a month ago of my future plans and the list of things to do. I confessed her a desire to get on the TED stage to tell my story. Three days later, I get an email from Luca Grandi, the curator of TEDx in Rovigo asking for my participation. I couldn’t believe it !! I responded immediately saying yes, with the least clue that I would be crossing a new chapter of my life.

I thought a lot about what to bring to my first TEDx. I had already prepared a slide of work I do on the relationship of the photography in psychology and somehow I decided that it would be perfect. The idea that came firstly to my mind was to tell my story but I thought that maybe I was not ready yet, I had not the project complete to make my book and I thought it was not yet the time to go and talk about my past.

Then a few days later, when I had definitely decided to prepare my speech on the issue of psychology in portraiture, I received an email, from an American guy who lives in Massachusetts and follows me in the web. It was a short and concise email saying good luck for my participation in the TED talks, and that he wanted to say that my photography was a daily part of his life, and that I helped him to see the world through my eyes and my words in my blogs were a source of inspiration for him.

At that point I thought that life was sending me a message. It was time to tell my story publicly and on a stage for it can be seen as an example that only we can change our destiny in the way that best represents us.

In less than a week, I decided to put down a track of my memories to help me to tell the story, I prepared a video of introduction to my speech, I wrote a sentence in English and Italian, I bought a songtrack, hired a speaker and so we created a video slide with the help of my son Davis and his friend Rodolfo Lissia who is an young film director.

With these elements, I took a deep breath of courage and a lot of emotion, to jump on the TEDxRovigo stage for the first time, in every sense, to tell my story.

Despite blacks moments spent in my past, I decided a long time ago, to thank life every day. I am a survivor and everything that happens to me today is reason for joy and thanksgiving to the Gods for giving me the strength to understand how to leverage those painful moments in a creative form till I became the woman I am today.

I want to smile and rejoice in all the things of my daily life, never complain of the moments that do not work, but on the contrary, find strength from them to overthrow the things that do not work. Being negative, send failures on others, criticize people and feeling superior, brings nothing but the darkening of one’ soul, does nothing but bring us more and more into oblivion.

As I said in my speech: “A child endure, an adult accomplish”

I want to thank all the people who listened to part of my story, I did not mean to make you cry, but only tell you that you can take advantage to be a better person after the dark periods of our lives. Thanks for your applause and felt concussions and warm embraces.

I met wonderful people who have participated in this TEDx edition and I am proud to be a part of it.
A heartfelt thanks to all the staff who made this TEDx possible and  worked in a very professional way. Thanks from my heart  for choosing me. Now you are part of my life in a positive way.
Very soon it will be possibile to see my speech on line, as soon as it’s published, I will share it with you.


VideoSlide editing by Rodolfo Lissia

Styling by Clara Kito

Monica Silva - Clara Kito

Monica Silva – Clara Kito

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