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The Butterfly's Fall exhibition the opening and impressions | Monica Silva Photography
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The Butterfly’s Fall exhibition the opening and impressions

Posted on Nov 27, 2013 by in Exhibitions, News | 0 comments

The Butterfly's Fall video' screenshots

“I spent most of my life telling stories of my ghosts in the third person. Now I went down into the underworld and I faced my demons. There is no way to return. The butterfly’s Fall , the beginning of a long journey, where I’ll undress my soul to tell the world all the hidden truths. “


 Last Thursday we opened the Butterfly’s Fall exhibition. Amazing the amount of people who came to cherish with us. Friendly faces and strangers were all in the same wave, the wave of a spiritual connection. Well, I definitely have much to tell you but it, now it comes in a flow and I do need time to calm it down and realize what I have done. It was supposed to be an embryo project, a very dicreet project and all of a sudden it was big, echoing more then I expected. In a few days I will post a complete gallery of pictures, videos and dedicated articles.
Here’s only a few images of the vernissage and screenshots, enjoy share with your friends, spread the word and come back for more!
***Press communication:
The Butterfly’s Fall (Butterfly’s Autumn) is a photo and video project in which the artist invites us to enter into her world and learn to see reality filtered through her perspective.
The exhibition’s title is inspired by a video performance, in which the artist, shows bare body in an empty room, as in an auto therapic process, scanning her painful childhood memories made ​​of raping and violence. The video has a strong emotional content, but yet it shows a poetic and delicate emotional feeling.
The scenes tell a mystical reality where ancestral words in Kanji appear on the bare skin as scars , while the author’s, with her own voice recalls the traumatic events of a violated childhood, ghosts of the past that have always accompanied her entire life.
Over the past two years, the artist has put into practice several “experiments” photos and video to tell her life and her past. In this work, Monica exceeds the traditional introspective , process through a sort of “pilgrimage” in Japan. In particular, the City of Tokyo and its inhabitants become the protagonists of this unedited work. The photo installations expresses a poetic vision of the city, a kaleidoscope of images that portray the daily life of japanese women of all ages, forgetting for a moment, the chaos , the strobing lights of a chaotic city.

Nuova Galleria Morone: Via Nerino, 3 Milano, Italy Open from 21st of November thru 1st of Febbruary 2014. Free entrance  from tuesday to saturday opening hours 11 to 7pm.


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