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The web, the modern Aladdin lamp

Posted on Jun 7, 2016 by in Blog, Interviews | 0 comments

Alvin Grassi designer

Milan. June 6th, 2016.

Not many years ago I used to teach my son (today 21 yrs old) thru encyclopedias and dictionaries, specialy dictionaries, which I used to collect in many different languages.

The web today is like a sort of “The Lamp of Aladdin”, the chinese character (yes, he was chinese and not persian) who populated our childhood, nowadays, the youngsters, and us adults as well,  anything we want to know we click away the word in Google and ‘voila’, we believe to know everything instantly about a certain argument, it’s like a wish come true just like in Aladdin’s story who rubbed the lamp and his wishes would come to life.  But we are submerged by thousands of informations and as the same way we find the meaning of what we were looking for, as much we forget what we learned a minute later. In a way it’s terrible because really a few people get deeper on the arguments they get instantly from the web but in the other hand the beautiful thing is that everyday we come across other people around the world.
Yesterday a young student from Tasmania in Australia sent me an email with a bunch of questions to be answered for her school maturity as she was very interested in the way I do my photographs. I think it’s beautiful. How could I ever get to someone in Tasmania unless I visited their Country? So in a way it’s really amazing how fast you can have your whishes fulfilled as much as you can be forgoten a day later 😉 Well I hope not!

Have a fantastic day everyone!




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