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The women's time Corriere della Sera Shangri-la China | Monica Silva Photography
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The women’s time Corriere della Sera Shangri-la China

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 by in Blog, Corriere della Sera, News | 0 comments

Shangri-la #iltempodelledonne corriere

It was a special day, the final trip after 12 days travelling around the Yunnan region, from Kumin to Shangri-la the tibetan town. I met many chinese women working hard the agricolture fields and other daily duties usually addressed to men but there it’s different: the woman rules the household but also do the tough work.

I wasn’t supposed to take this picture, it wasn’t what “they” wanted me to document but I am happy to have spent some minutes with those friendly women, and I thought while I was watching them, that I was lucky or who knows, maybe it’s them who are luckier then me.
Freedon sometimes is synonymous of prison, you’re never too free until you can fly!

Today Corriere della Sera dedicated one more page (pag24) to The Women’s time, and I am proud to have been chosen with this picture.


Enjoy it and show your love.

Hugs of light world friends!

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