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Posted on Jul 20, 2012 by in Asia, Galleries, Travel Diary | 0 comments

Shibuya Crossing - Tokio

My trip to Tokyo was one of those long-desired goals. Imagine me in the streets of that city and people i could meet was more real than a novel devoured in a summer night. Not only a dream came true but I also did an event that a few months ago I would never thought to play: my Hasselblad camera and photography dream, my lifeblood. Tokyo Hasselblad event was surreal,  intense, exciting, full of unexpected emotions. It was not easy to convey the message that I carry in My Hidden Ego mainly if is “interpreted” by a language as difficult as the Japanese. But unexpected results have arrived and this was the goal. They were there looking at me amazed, curious and eager to participate in the shooting. Anna, a beautiful Russian model, the Corpse Bride as my “creation” and inspiration for the film by Tim Burton, has aroused amazement and she was really beautiful. Without meeting her in advance I “guessed” her to be part of that she loved and wanted to play. (See the gallery here) I will never forget the exceptional collaboration and the kindness of this people, but above all I will never forget the feeling of being in a city that I have dreamed of shooting as I did it passionately and wishing to stop every moment as if it were my last.

In a few days I will finish selecting all the photos I took then. In the meantime I’m happy to share a short preview and my first impressions of a city that has given me a lot. Enjoy it.

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