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Corriere della Sera Top Ten Books

Posted on Apr 21, 2013 by in Corriere della Sera, News | 0 comments

Santa Maria Foris Rasulo

“Without knowledge life has no reason to be”

If I read the list of the Top Ten books on the Corriere’s La Lettura today, I naturally space my mind on some points. 5 titles are of great authors of the past (Lucio Aneo Seneca, Fëdor Dostoevsky, Edgar Allan Poe, Sigismund Freud, Jane Austen, two are from Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the new pope, and two contemporary authors which are Andrea Camilleri and Roberto Saviano.
To be a writer today I think it’s not that easy, especially for the immense opportunities that internet offers to those who want to write novels or whatever came into their minds, and publishers continuously churn out books waiting for a new sales milestone like that of E . L. James on “50 shades of grey.”
So for me remains only the knowledge that the choice is huge and to grant for success is not at reach of everyone. In all this I have a question: among the top ten of this week but also the week before, I noticed that there is always Freud, with “The dream and its interpretation,” is that we need the analyst Freud to give us an interpretation of the state of mind in which we find ourselves nowadays? Or is it maybe that we are living in “The Big Sleep”, from the author Raymond Chandler? Among other things, title one must read at least once in one’s lives, as well as watch the movie with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall drawn from the same novel.

Luckly, I realize that in me never disappears the love of reading and never, as often happens to me, disappeears the inspirations for future projects. By the way, my reading now is “Written on the body” from Jeanette Winterson ” “I want you to come to me without a past … the phrases you’ve learned forget them! Forget you attended other places, other bedrooms, come to me as if it were the first time … do not say I love you until the day in which it did not show.”

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In this Picture the writer Rossella Rasulo, author of “Mi Piace Vederti Felice”, Mondadori Books, photographed at Santa Maria Foris in the concept design by Alvin Grassi

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