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Watanabe San New Old camera

Posted on Jun 1, 2014 by in Blog, Interviews | 3 comments

Watanabe and Monica

“My photography never grows old because it seems already old at the start.” Hiroshi Sugimoto

Many know about my passion for Japan and its ancient culture , therefore , also its ” sons” bring me endless emotions .
In a visit to Leica store for a meeting with Andrea Mariani etc , surprisingly takes me to personally meet Mr. Watanabe san owner of New Old Camera , historic milanese photography shop of today and the past. I remain fascinated by this man who was born in Hiroshima  and who has been living a lifetime in Italy , so much so, that his eyes seemed to me more of a Western than those of a Japanese citzen. The stories he tells , the great photographers his friends , his shop full of old cameras together with those of today , the smell of genuine photography, the one that once you had to use your head before shoot, left something good in my heart . At his request to release a short video (shot with Leica) dedicated to photo lovers , I confess that I found myself a little disoriented but I couldn’t say no . The video can be seen on the NEW OLD CAMERA Facebook page  or on NOC youtube channel.
Life is beautiful because you meet people that unexpectedly leave indelible marks …. and sometimes those marks are only the layout of a story yet to be told very soon.


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