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Year Review Thoughts

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 by in News, Videos | 0 comments

Monica Silva Ph by Davide Rossi

2013 Year Review Thoughts

Dear friends,

2013 has been an year a bit special for so many. The important thing is not to get discouraged when the things goes wrong. I learned that I am reflection of what is happening around me. The world is my mirror. If I address myself to someone with a sad face, I will have in return a sad face but if I smile, doors open magically.

I have learned to understand people who hurt me and to save a pray for them, wishing that they find serenity and light to understand their acts. I’ve learned that you should not despair for a job lost because life sometimes takes away what was not right for us by giving back something even better. I’ve learned that true friends are always there even if you do not talk to them every day. I learned that even if there is no money, ideas, if they are worth , survive the crisis. I learned that you have to dream looking up at the skies because that’s where we come from and it is there where our most important projects are kept safely.

For this 2014 I hope lots of new achievements and to be faithful to my commitments to get on the way towards enlightenment. We must not stand on successes but on ourselves to be able to stand up in moments of difficulty.

As I always say , trust in yourself and learn to bet on your person even before you expect something from others and the world will be with you .
Me, in my side, have big plans for Monica Silva, now you also must evaluate yourself with a sentence similar to mine . Without embarrassment or fear, open up your arms and show the world your essence!

I wish you a new year full of joys and hopes of great achievements , but above all the serenity to deal with all the good times and difficult ones .

A hug full of the most colorful light that exists in the universe.

2013 year Review Monica Silva from monicasilva on Vimeo.

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